LIVE IN HAMBURG 1958 - 1970

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"Live In Hamburg 1958-1970" is the definitive book on 
the 60s music scene in Hamburg 
and why it was here where it all started.

Some of the places:
Indra, Kaiserkeller, Top-Ten-Club, Star-Club, Musikhalle, Ya Ya, 
Beat-Club Hamburg, Kaisersaal, Ernst-Merck-Halle, Crazy Horse,
Elite Tanzpalast, Big Apple, Hit-Club, Fürstenhof, Audimax,
Mambo Schänke, Curio Haus and many more.

Some of the artists:
Bill Haley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent,
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Tony Sheridan, 
Jimi Hendrix, Who, Led Zeppelin, Small Faces, Cream,
David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Deep Purple, Rory Gallagher,
Bee Gees, Spooky Tooth, Rattles, Boots, Hound Dogs,
Screaming Lord Sutch, Tielman Brothers, Howlin' Wolf,
Muddy Waters and hundreds of others...
some well known, some unknown and some forgotten.

+ Special interest artists: Marlene Dietrich, Gene Krupa etc.

+ Record cover artworks with pics taken in Hamburg.
  Recordings in Hamburg (live + studio)
  Merchandise made in Hamburg.

+ Hamburg record stores, labels, studios and producers.

A documentation by Peter Paetzold, a die-hard music fan who spend 
the last 60 years collecting records and hanging out at 
concerts, listening to all kinds of music. From Rock 'n' Roll
concerts in 1958 to unique live music clubs of the
roaring 60s where music history was written.

"Live In Hamburg 1958-1970"
will be released in digital format additionally to the printed version.

More informations / questions and / or you have been a part of this scene? 
Then contact:


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LIVE IN HAMBURG  1958 - 1970

First american Rock 'n' Roll Artist in Hamburg: 
Bill Haley - Deutschland Tour 1958

Rolling Stones in Hamburg
1965 / 1967 /1970

Beach Boys in Hamburg 1966

The Beatles in Hamburg 1960 / 1961 / 1962 / 1966

100's of autograph cards - signed in Hamburg

Rory Gallagher in Hamburg 1968 - 1970

Jim Hendrix in Hamburg 1967 - 1970

 Led Zeppelin Hamburg 1970


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